Graphic design is more than simply making your promotional materials look nice. It is about effectively communicating with your public in a unique and refreshing way. We can help you come up with solutions that are user-friendly, smart and captivating, as well as cost-effective for you.

Potential customers begin forming opinions about your business long before you get the chance to talk to them. What are your current marketing materials saying to them? Too many small businesses overlook the potential benefits of professional graphic design. At Brandish Design we can help you realize those benefits. We design print and marketing materials that will set your company apart from the competition.

Graphic Design

• Logo Design 

• Business Card Designs
• Brochure/Leaflet Designs
• Advertising Designs
• Event Advertising Designs
• Invitation Designs
• Flyers/Banners/Posters Designs
• Email/Facebook Blasts
• CD/DVD Cover Designs
• Clothing Designs
• Photo Retouching/Manipulation


• Flyers 

• Business Cards
• Posters
• Brochure/Panflets
• Menus
• Invitations
• Door Hangers
• Carbon Invoices
• Signs
• Banners
• Clothing (silkscreen or embroidery)